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We hold the patent for this Freeze-Resistant Cream since 2012. Fresh cream is generally damaged when it is stored frozen and then thawed, and it is impossible to produce whipped cream as smooth as that without frozen storage. But our FREEZE-RESISTANT CREAM (VT series) can produce whipped cream of equivalent quality to that made from cream without frozen storage, even after stored frozen and then thawed.

Therefore, our FREEZE-RESISTANT CREAM can be preserved for a long time at a temperature of under -­18°C. You can put it in a freezer and use it as much as you need on any occasion. Inventory management should be much easier.

It should be noted that the ‘cream’ means not just cream containing 18.0% milk fat but also a product obtained by mixing an additive such as an emulsifier or a stabilizer with mil fat, a product obtained by adding vegetable oil and fat to milk fat, and further mixing an additive and the like, so called compound cream.

In general, ‘chilled’ cream is stored at 3­7°C. If it is stored in a freezer, it exhibits such properties greatly different from the smooth fluid properties of the original cream, that fat and water are separated or fluidity is reduced due to encapsulation of water by fat. Hence, it is widely known that unlike refrigerated cream, smooth whipped cream cannot be obtained by whipping such thawed cream.

By the time of our invention, there had been inventions such as one to freeze whipped cream containing surfactant, humectant, polysaccharide, and the like, and one to expose whipped cream to a magnetic field and then freeze. But these inventions are focused on freezing whipped cream and do not provide cream that can be whipped in your own way as chilled cream.

In view of the above, we invented and obtained the patent of cream that can produce whipped cream equivalent to that made from chilled cream even when it is frozen and then thawed. If you need more information, please look at FAQ.

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